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corruption of all things

 Some believers hold to the God theory In a nutshell this theory locates he fall of Satan between Gen1;1 and 1:2To the contrary,however,Moses seem's to place it between the the second and third chapters of Gen.This two chapters can be found in Isaiah14 and Ez.28.

A. SUBTLETY OF SATAN(Gen3:1) 1.He speaks through the serpent.Eve is tempted to disobey God by the devil who talks with her through he serpent's body.Adam and Eve could apparently communicate with the animal kingdom prior to the Fall in ways totally unknown to us today.Prior o the fall,the serpent was not the only the most intelligent creature of all,but perhaps the most beautiful also.(en3:14)that the serpent did not crawl as it does today. It may even had wings and stood upright.The serpent is the first three creatures besides man which speaks in the Bible.(For other two,see NM.22:28 where as ass speaks; and Rev8:13, where an eagles talks)From this point on,the serpent becomes symbol for Treachery and sin.

2.He begins by doubting God's Word.Gen3;1 "yea,hath God said.....?Eve now foolishly attempts o match her wits with he devil.No child of God should even try this.We are to resist him1peter5:8,9 jams.4:7 but never debate him.Be sober, be vigilant because the adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about,seeking who may devour.Resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in he world.To make matters worse, Eves add to God's Wordduring the debate (3:3)God did no tell her not to ouch the he fruit.The devil laughs with hellish glee when he can trick someone on either adding to or subtracting from Go's Word.Rev22:18,19.says those who add the word d,make other own prophecy,other bible translation that come from the mouth of man,God shall add the plague...

3.He ends by denying God's Word.And the serpent said.. ye shall not surely die"(3:4)Are there any lies in the Bible?There are indeed and the first one.God told Adam and Eve they would die if disobeyed God,bu Satan says they will not.It should, of course, be quickly noted here that while the Bible certainly teaches no lies whatsoever,i does, on occasion,faithfully record the lies of both sinners(Saul,for example-see isam15:20)and saints (David,see 1Sam 21:2 ).Many centuries later he apostle john would warn all believers to be ware of three deadly temptations.1.The lust of the flesh2.The lust of the eyes.3 The pride of life,see in john2:15-17.In the Garden,Satan now subject Eve to all three.

a."The woman saw the tree was good for food"(lust of the flesh)b."And that it was pleasant to the eyes"(lust of the eyes")c."And a tree to make pleasant and wise"(pride of life)

B.THE SIN OF ADAM. 1.He becomes the first human sinner.Chronologically,Eve at first,but theologically ,Adam is declared by the New Testament to be the original sinner.The reason for his is that Adam was the head of the human race,and;here fore, responsible for this actions.Romans5:12"wwherefore as by one man sin entered into the world,and death by sin;and so death passed upon all men,for that all have sinned."But fear ,lest by any means,as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety,so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ"(2cor: 11:3).

2 He attempts(at first) to hide his nakedness before God(3:7)Apparently some drastic change occurred concerning Adam's physical as well as his spiritual condition.It may be that he bodies of Adam and Eve were, at creation,covered with a soft light brighter than the sun during his transfiguration. Mat17:2 We now have the first example of man made religion in history.Religion is any attempt to clothe ourselves apart from the righteousness of Christ.Adam and Eve tried it with fig leaves. Men today try it with the education, church membership baptism ,tithing,confirmation,good works,etc.

3.He attempt (at last) to hide himself from God."Adam and hi wife hid themselves from the presence of he Lord Gen3:8.This is the ultimate tragic result of sin.It is not only separates man from God,but makes him actually desire to hid from God.But this cannot be done! psalms69:5God knows our foolishness,ps139:7 there's nothing covered from God..

God knows how wicked we are,and everything we did we cannot hid from Him.He is God that all knowing, He is omniscience,omnipotent,omnipresence.He search every heart of people what ever things we hide in the public but God looketh the heart.God knows we sinned against Him,He made a wonderful plan for you and me to saving us from sin.He knows we cannot save our self through our own good because of we are all sinners.His Son Jesus came to the world puting a human body ,100%human without sin 100%God.He became flesh John1:14And the word was made flesh,(Jesus)and dwelt among us,(and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the Father,)full of grace and truth.

In order you get to heaven you need Jesus by recieving him as your Lord and savior